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Mission and Vision

Our mission: Support our partners and clients in countries receiving international funding in order that they may successfully implement their development projects. We achieve this by mobilizing their skills and capacities and providing reliable and efficient technical expertise.


We work with passion for a supportive and equitable economic development of rural areas, ensuring a sustainable and responsible management of natural resources.


Our project interventions are designed to systematically transfer competencies and experience to local operators, public or private structures, governments, institutions or communities that we support.


Our strength lies in our ability facilitate practical transfer of know-how in rural and local development from our European institutional partners who have a long history working in or supporting the rural sector. Our partners have capitalized this expertise and have constantly improved and adapted to change for over 50 years.In order to achieve this, we create synergies between consulting professionals and representatives from our network of partners, which are among global centers of excellence (chambers of agriculture and commerce, international and cooperation research organizations, specialized training centers, professional rural organizations, etc.).


Thanks to this network of expert and institutional partners, we are able to offer to our clients and partners the competencies and experience best adapted to the needs of our clients and beneficiaries.

Our head office team carries out rigorous monitoring of technical inputs delivered and a meticulous control of contractual obligations.



Core Values

Men and women of CA 17 International are driven by principles and values that guide their daily actions:

  • Integrity: because acting with integrity and transparency is vital to building and maintaining trust and good relationships with our clients and partners;
  • Always attentive to client needs: we make it our duty to seek out and listen to feedback from all stakeholders and projects’ beneficiaries. Our aim is to have a better understanding of their needs in order to offer the solutions that really meet their expectations;
  • Sharing: we readily share our experiences, expertise and values with our clients and partners is an important aspect of our fieldwork;
  • Efficiency: our ongoing commitment is to make the project implementation a sustainable development catalyst for the beneficiaries;
  • Reliability: to ensure that our results satisfy stakeholders’ expectations, we systematically use our internal quality control system, frequent backstopping missions, and regular quality audits on site;
  • Flexibility: the willpower, the talent and energy of our teams are always adjusted in order to correspond the needs of our clients’ and partners’ projects.

What make us different:

  • The head office staff comprises an engineering team which is extremely reliable and committed, supported by an administrative staff which is highly trained, efficient and experienced;
  • Proven experts work in synergy with the head office team and ensuring know-how sharing in line with CA 17 International’s quality standards;
  • We are flexible and react immediately to the needs and requests of our clients and partners;
  • Over the years we have developed close working relationships with institutional partners from the research and business worlds, creating a unique pool of reliable expertise that can be mobilized when required;
  • We carry out technical audits on a regular basis and continuously seek to improve the quality of our services.


What we do?

In the framework of rural and local development projects funded by international donors, CA 17 International offers consulting services as follow:

  • International and National Technical Assistance (long-term / short term);
  • Support to Contracting Authorities;
  • Total or partial project management and implementation (including administered fund management on behalf of the Contracting Authorities);
  • Evaluations and studies (feasibility studies, mid-term and final review, technical audits, etc.);
  • Custom-designed training programs on rural and local development themes in multiple languages (English, Arab, Russian, French);
  • Organization of study tours in France and Europe with our foreign partners.

CA 17 International has detailed knowledge and experience of working with major multilateral and bilateral donors’ procedures (EU, World Bank, ADB, IDB, AFD, Danish/ German/ Swiss Cooperation, etc.). As a result, our clients, partners and experts can focus their energies and expertise to their core technical competencies delivering an optimum and first class performance at all levels.


Field of expertise

CA 17 International works in the following field of expertise:

Sustainable agricultural and rural development

  • Support to the structuring and strengthening of value chains and their organizations in order to secure the equitable sharing of the added value created;
  • Support to public stakeholders in the design, coordination, implementation and monitoring of agricultural and food security policies;
  • Support for private operators in the agriculture and livestock sector, by strengthening the technical and organizational capacities of their professional and economic organizations (Farmers and breeders organisations);
  • Support to the development of sustainable agriculture: resource-efficient and resilient to climate change;
  • Support to private sector operating in all sectors of the agricultural and livestock value chain in their economic and social development projects including: business plan support, access to matching grants and bank credits.

Responsible territorial development and revitalization of the economic fabric

  • Support to public policy and to the development, planning and management of territorial strategies, in their design, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Support to local authorities, public institutions at central and decentralized levels in their territorial development missions;
  • Support to local territories’ operators in land management planning of rural areas;
  • Support to public and private actors in the development and the concerted and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems;
  • Assistance in design of local economic development policies in the rural sector and to public investment plans supported by local authorities.

Acquis communautaire

  • Support to candidate countries for accession to the EU and to new member countries in strategic design and implementation of the alignment process with the acquis communautaire in the areas of agriculture and rural development.


CA 17 International head office is a dynamic and multicultural team combining complementary expertise, solid experience in the countries receiving financial support from international financial agencies as Technical Assistants, Heads of Mission, Project Manager, etc. and who have demonstrated experiences in management of projects and contracts.

Our on-site teams comprise high caliber senior and junior professionals, who share common values with our company. We use the best international, subregional and national experts to accomplish our missions.

For each of our interventions, we build the most appropriate team profile combining specialists from the head office and from our pool of expertise to share our unique experiences capitalized in France and abroad.

CACG’s Groupe

CA 17 International became part of the CACG Group in October 2014.

The Compagnie d’Aménagement des Coteaux de Gascogne is a semi-state French company comprising 200 staff. Founded in 1959, its main purpose is to contribute to territorial organisation and land management which impact on economic development in France’s southwest region. The knowledge of their engineers and technicians in terms of water resource management and irrigation as well as territorial planning means that the organization has many project references at national and international level.

CACG’s mission: support local authorities in the territorial planning and land management by respecting the environment, sharing resources and enhancing the local economy.

CA 17 International’s consulting expertise in rural and local development combined with those of CACG’s in territorial projects’ studies and design, and in water resource management allows us to offer comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of our clients and partners.

Becoming part of CACG group has opened up new opportunities for CA 17 International to provide an even wider range of human competencies via CACG’s capitalized know-how in order to offer clients extended services.

Together we will continue to implement the most efficient strategies for territories, to develop rural economies and local areas, to advocate equitable sharing of resources and fair distribution of added value. Last, but not least, we always favour dialogue and supporting individual or community initiatives.


Our references


KOSOVO: Assistance in strengthening MAFRD advisory services and improving the quality of technical services provided by the MAFRD laboratories

Country / Area: Europe | Period : May 2014 to October 2016 | Origin of funding: European Union

NIGER: Technical Assistance to the General Directorate for Rural Engineering (DGRE) to develop the Nigerian Strategic Plan for Small-scale Irrigation (SPIN)

Country / Area: Africa | Period : September to December 2015 | Origin of funding: German Cooperation (GIZ)

BURKINA FASO: Evaluation mission of the Regional Fund of the Support Program for Agricultural Development (PADAB II) in Sahel, East and Center-east regions

Country / Area: Africa | Period : February to April 2010 | Origin of funding: Danish Cooperation (DANIDA)

BURKINA FASO: Support Program to Rural Municipalities of western Burkina Faso for natural resources and Land Management

Country / Area: Africa | Period : April 2014 to March 2019 | Origin of funding: French Development Agency


  • Africa
  • Europe


CA 17 International
22, rue Eugène Thomas
17000 La Rochelle

Tél : +33 5 46 68 32 17

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