GHANA: National evaluator (or resident), agricultural economist, specialist in perennial crops and agroforestry

Détail de la mission

CA 17 International, is in search of an Agroeconomic Evaluator, Agroforestry Specialist, preferably of Ghanaian nationality or resident in Ghana, with experience in evaluating projects according to DAC criteria. This evaluation will target 3 projects funded by the AFD (French Development Agency) concerning the rubber sector and other perennial crops, such as cocoa, palm oil, etc.
The evaluation takes place under AFD’s framework contract for decentralised mid-term and ex-post evaluations of projects in the Gulf of Guinea region,
The general objectives of the framework contract are as follows:
i) To carry out evaluations of projects, clusters of projects or sectoral programs financed by the AFD;
ii) To design, in addition to traditional evaluation reports, teaching aids for disseminating evaluations’ results and facilitate the mechanisms for the restitution of evaluations in order to promote their appropriation and use by different actors of the evaluated projects;
iii) To strengthen the evaluation capacities of local evaluators and project managers by promoting partnership and participatory evaluation approaches.

In this context, the Evaluator will have the task of:
• Structuring the evaluation approach:
- Reconstruct the project intervention logic;
- Formulate key questions to focus evaluation work;
- Establish the reasoning steps that will allow to answer the questions (judgment criteria), specify the indicators to be used to answer the questions and the corresponding sources of information.
• Conducting the evaluation :
- Establish an accurate and analytical narrative of the project;
- Conduct field missions to project sites in order to lead a contextual and detailed analysis and to interview project stakeholders;
- Assess the project against the evaluation criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, added value) and key issues.
• Presenting the evaluation findings and recommendations:

The Evaluator must meet the following required profile:

Qualifications and experience:
• Minimum Master Degree in Agronomy, Agriculture, Agroforestry, Rural Engineering, Agroeconomics or any other relevant degree;
• Ten (10) years of work experience in the sectors related to this evaluation: rural development in the broad sense, agricultural and agroforestry sectors, local development, etc.
• Excellent skills in English, both written and spoken;
• Strong ability to work, coordinate, structure, network and facilitate ;
• Understanding of the national/regional context, national policies, sectoral strategies towards forest and rural development;
• Good consultation and dialogue skills with diverse stakeholders;
• Ability to communicate appropriately with different target groups (government authorities, regional authorities, professional agricultural organizations, etc.);
• Good coordination skills and of organizing meetings;
• Excellent analytical, synthesis, conception and writing skills, including report synthesis, very good writing skills;
• Strong work ethic;
• Fluency in French would be an asset.

Submission deadline: 30/06/2021

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    45 days

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