The services provided by CA 17 International

CA 17 International mainly provides technical assistance in overseeing projects and project management. This type of assistance necessitates a long-term collaboration with a continuous transfer of skills according to the many, ever-changing adaptations needed to fulfil stakeholders’ requirements.
The company provides project management services, which may include the total management of ‘administered funds’, either directly or indirectly, and/or tendering and contracting procedure services. We constantly adapt our systems and procedures to those used by our clients and donors. When providing this type of service, CA 17 International makes a point of honour of setting up collaborative partnerships with the supervising ministries of the countries involved and their regional technical services. CA 17 also aligns its assistance with current national policies and strategies.

These two services constitute the core of CA 17 International’s work. Our principal objective is to provide collaborative, long-term structure and support.

Finally, given its hands-on experience in setting up and backing long-term projects, CA 17 International is also able to propose its abilities in carrying out targeted tenders, studies and evaluations which always result from continuous internal capitalisation processes. One of CA 17 International’s strengths lies in its ability to propose pragmatic solutions that are immediately operational and which have been tested in the field.

CA 17 International’s fields of activity

CA 17 International operates in three main fields of activity.

Our unique technical field is in sustainable rural and agricultural development. Within this sector, CA 17 International is involved in all cropping and livestock sectors, at the operational level, the local body level and the political level. We help both the private and public sectors.

Given the decentralisation processes in place in the countries in which CA 17 International operates, we have naturally broadened our fields of competence and recruited experts in the main developing fields of activity both at a local and a national level. Be it with rural communities, provinces or regions, CA 17 International can coherently source and provide the needed skills at various levels of administration. Our company has a wealth of experience in economic development, particularly in the cropping and livestock sectors.

These two sectors are CA 17 International’s main fields of activity. Their many issues include those related to rural land and the shared management of natural resources.

CA 17 International is also involved in the ‘Acquis Communautaire’ sector, assisting EU candidate countries with their adhesion process. In particular, CA 17 has become involved in the issues brought before the European Commission by the DG of Agriculture.
Chad, 2021/03/01. Kourtegue cleaning millet, women s association, Sananga, West Ennedi. Semi nomadic populations in the Saharo Sahelian desert in Chad. Photography by Sarah Vozlinsky / Hans Lucas. Tchad, 2021/03/01. Kourtegue trie le mil, groupement feminin, , Sananga, Ennedi Ouest. Populations semi nomades dans le desert saharo sahelien au Tchad. Photographie par Sarah Vozlinsky / Hans Lucas.

Rural and agricultural development

• Public policies related to agriculture, livestock farming and food security
• Structuring rurality
• Agricultural advice
• Rural financing
• Development of value chains and sectors
• Resilience to climate change
• Pastoralism
• Organisation of agricultural water users
• Agroecology

Land development

• Public policies related to decentralisation and land management
• Regional economic development
• Land development – consultation and planning
• Strengthening local authorities and civil society
• Natural resource management
• Public utility investment structuring

‘Acquis communautaires’
for EU candidate countries

• Close alignment with the ‘acquis communautaire’ in the agriculture and rural development sectors
• Establishment of Agricultural Accounting Information Networks

International aid donors

The services provided by CA 17 International on behalf of our clients are financed by multilateral or bilateral international aid donors. CA 17 International has a wealth of experience in international aid procedures and can guarantee thorough and efficient management of all international aid projects.