Both men and women within CA17 International are driven by shared principles and core values that guide their actions on a daily-basis:


Collaboration with our clients and partners is always based on integrity and transparency.


We are committed to remaining attentive to, and to respecting all stakeholders and project beneficiaries; to fully understand their needs in order to meet their expectations by proposing appropriate, tailored solutions.

Sharing knowledge

In the course of our missions, we are proud to share our knowledge, expertise and strong values with our clients and partners.


Our permanent and ongoing commitment is to succeed in sustainable development within the implementation framework of our projects.


Our in-house Quality System, our recurrent backstopping missions and on-site quality audits ensure that consistent results in line with, and even above stakeholders’ expectations, are met.


All our resources, energy and talent are constantly tailored to meet our clients’ and partners’ needs.

Distinctiveness that makes the differences

Under the terms of each assignment, we devote all necessary means, resources and efforts to meet our client’s expectations. CA 17 guarantees you:

Creating head office
and on-site synergies

  • Our head office team of skilled, experienced and committed engineers is supported by highly qualified and efficient administrative staff

  • High-quality and talented on-site teams working in synergy with the head office’s engineering expertise to guarantee a structured framework of shared experience and respect of CA 17 International’s high-quality standards.


  • A continuing search for immediately applicable pragmatic solutions in order to promote and ensure sustainable and substantial impact for the beneficiaries’ development projects


  • Immediate reaction and adaptability to meet clients’ and partners’ needs

  • Regular on-site audits and continuous backstopping mission in line with our continuous improvement policy.

A rich pool of skilled professionals

  • A strong historical network of institutional partners gathered from public organizations and research communities to provide a rich pool of “practitioners”

  • Promoting and facilitating the sharing of expertise North-South and South-South between fellow professionals around the world.

A well-grounded company

CA 17 International was created in 2000 in Charente-Maritime (French Region), with an initial aim to valorize and optimize French know-how regarding rural and local development, with an emphasis on managing all aspects by working with professionals and their emanating representative organizations (Consular bodies – Chambers of Agriculture and CCI’s, Agricultural Trade Associations, etc.).

Since its foundation, CA 17 International has steadily distinguished itself from other consulting agencies (mainly based in Paris) by settling in a dynamic region, both on local and rural development grounds, in order to inspire its actions : The Charente-Maritime department.

A CACG company

CA 17 International joined the CACG Group in October 2014. Operating in France and abroad since 1959, the CACG helps territories implement and manage tailored, sustainable solutions with regards to water, energy, agriculture and food sectors.

In a context of climate change and increased pressure on natural resources, CACG’s expertise in water and hydro-agricultural management is well intertwined with CA 17 International’s knowledge for immediate action closer to field issues.

Both entities thus meet on shared values, attentiveness and sharing on long-term actions, in a skills’ transfer and local competence leverage approach.

CA 17 International’s entry into the CACG Group allows our company to leverage its human skills and know-how within this Group and to provide clients with a wide range of expertise.