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CA 17 International is a private French engineering consultancy company part of the CACG Group. CA 17 International specializes in rural and local development in the international cooperation sector.

Our mission is to provide assistance to Governments and public organizations that benefit from funding of Official Development Assistance in order to accomplish their projects and programs aiming to reduce poverty.

Our company mobilizes a strong worldwide network of highly skilled professionals, mainly in Africa, but also in the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Asia.
We organize and manage multidisciplinary teams from our head office and on-site locations, in line with the specific requirements of each mission awarded to us.

We take pride in ensuring the preservation of the quality of the services that we carry out with passion and commitment, engaging in development of territories and the people who live there .


and women

CA 17 International places great importance on the men and women it launches and supports throughout their careers, be they working overseas or in the head office.
We are permanently represented in 10 countries, enabling us to work closely with all our staff.

We scout talented people and develop their skills, their performance and their future excellence.
Our desire is to develop human resources who share our values and make them our long-term partners by offering them rewarding and diversified career paths.



In any one year, we have 120 engineers and technicians working in the field.


Experts on Hand

We have 5,000 experts upon whom we can call to help with specific projects.

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Do you share CA 17 International’s values? Would you like to become involved in our home or overseas team? If so, please send us your application. CA 17 International is constantly looking for new talent.



We work throughout the world, on all five continents.

We operate throughout the world!

Particularly in Africa, but also in the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Asia.


Our references

We have a large network of experts and can call on highly-skilled people from the four corners of the earth.

Discover our references in conducting and supporting development projects in different regions of the world.



Over nearly 20 years, we have put 115 contracts into place throughout the world.

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GUINEA: Mid-term technical and organizational evaluation of the project of support for the CNOP-Guinea (PACNOP)

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