Project description

CA 17 International provided support to the Ministry’s Agrostatistics Division in:

  • Data analysis;
  • Publications and dissemination of results for FADN 2004;
  • Data Control and transfer into 2005 FADN tandard forms;
  • Data Collection with farmers for FADN 2006. CA 17 International has provided ongoing support for the improvement of the FADN system in place in Bulgaria, the data analysis at the national level and the promotion of its use by policy makers and academics.

CA 17 International has organised training in the whole of Bulgaria in accounting towards farmers and farmer’s accountants. A one-week study trip was also organized in Estonia for the National and Regional Heads of the Agrostatistics Division of the Ministry and the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAAS).

Project goals

The project has been designed to provide technical assistance to the Agrostatistics Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) in order to finalize the Bulgarian FADN system and fulfill Bulgarian requirements in accordance with EU accession.

Three key objectives were completed:

  • Finalize the implementation of the FADN system for Bulgaria,
  • Organize an explanatory campaign on FADN,
  • Training and exchange of best FADN practices from other EU states.

Services provided

  • Team Leader
  • 60 days of input,
  • FADN Development and Know-how Transfer Expert,
  • 60 days input,
  • FADN Communication Expert: 60 days input,
  • FADN Data Use Specialist: 65 days input,
  • Farm Typology Specialist: 40 days input,
  • Chartered Accounting Expert: 125 days of input.

A total of 100-man months of local expertise is also included in the project for data collection purposes.

Project page

  • Continent


  • Country


  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    October 2006 to October 2007

  • Men - months

    410 M-D of international expertise and 100 M-M of local expertise for data collection

  • Customer

    Bulgarian Ministry of Finance, CFCU

  • Donors


  • Budget

    501 000€ à 1 000 000€