Project description

The contracting authority for the “Support Project for Food Security in East Burkina Faso (PSAE)” is the Ministry of Agriculture and Hydro-agricultural Development which has delegated to its Eastern Regional Directorate. This project aims at improving food security for the eastern populations of Burkina Faso by developing their resilience abilities against climate change and economic risks. The PSAE covers all the municipalities of the Eastern regions through four components: i) Support infrastructures for food security; ii) Reinforcing productivity of agricultural and breeding value chains; iii) Sustainable Planning/Management of lands and land tenure security; iv) Project coordination and support to contracting authority; and v) Training and professional employment of the youth.

Project goals

Objective 1: Improving production and marketing conditions for agricultural and breeding products by creating and rehabilitating rural infrastructures.

Objective 2: Increasing the productivity of agro-pastoral production systems and agricultural and breeding value chains.

Objective 3: Contributing to a sustainable and secured management of natural resources and agricultural lands, by reinforcing the application of the land tenure law in rural areas and the local planning of economic development.

Services provided

CA 17 International supports the overall management of the Project, which is entrusted to a Project Management Unit (PMU), set up by MAAH at the level of the Eastern Regional Directorate. The PSAE PMU Support Operator has a specific mandate to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Project by making available to the PMU a team in direct methodological and technical support in a Technical Assistance/Transfer of Skills logic. CA 17 International thus provides all national and international technical experts (long-term and short-term) in order to support the Coordination of the UGP in the implementation of activities contributing to the strengthening of the productivity of the agricultural and livestock sectors, sustainable land use planning and management of the 27 Eastern municipalities, as well as the implementation of a process for securing rural lands.

Project page

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  • Time period

    May 2016 to May 2021

  • Men - months

    359,16 M-M

  • Customer

    Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

  • Donors

    French Agency for Development

  • Budget

    + de 2 000 000€