Project description

The objectives of the study were:

  • The comprehensive institutional, organisational, logistical, technical, financial and budgetary definition of a three-year program for the promotion of the professional agricultural organisation;
  • The definition of indicators and procedures for the evaluation of the three-year program in progress and at the time of its completion;
  • The definition of the measures to be provided for in order to ensure the sustainability of the system to be put in place beyond the three-year period assigned to the program;
  • The prospective evaluation of the expected effects of the program, in economic, social, and structural terms of rural occupations.

Project goals

The objective of the OPA program was to enable producers to increase their incomes and participate in rural sector policy through the development of the agricultural professional organisation and its institutional and economic environment.

Services provided

The diagnosis of the issue for Agricultural Professional Organisation’s promotion in Cameroon:

  • Qualification of the three-year program objectives and long-term objectives (10 years);
  • Evaluation of the effects of the program’s sustainability;
  • Strategy Definition: type of actions to be undertaken to achieve the objectives based on the current situation and the actors involved;
  • Operations Analysis;
  • Organisation and logistics;
  • Formulation of the recommendations towards the institutional system;
  • Formulation of indicators regarding the evaluation system;
  • Preparation of provisional program budgets;
  • Prospective evaluation of the program.

Project page

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  • Country


  • Sector of activity


  • Time period


  • Men - months

    8 M-M

  • Customer

    French Agency for Development

  • Donors

    French Agency for Development

  • Budget

    501 000€ à 1 000 000€