Project description

The overall objective of the ACEFA Program was to increase family farmers’ incomes by improving the competitiveness of their farms, thus, under three components: 1) Implementation of a support / advisory mechanism co-managed by representatives of the State and of the profession; 2) Financing of productive projects from producers and their associations; 3) Capacity strengthening of professional organisations.

Services provided

The objective of the mid-term review mission was to provide an independent external view on the implementation of the program and its results. These included: 1) To evaluate the work done by coordination and management bodies; 2) To assess the effectiveness of mechanisms of advisory and financing implemented; 3) To note results and effects at the level of direct and indirect beneficiaries, and of decentralized services of MINADER and MINEPIA.

CA 17 International provided the following expertise:

  • One agricultural economist expert, team leader;
  • One agricultural economist expert specialised in support and advice to producers’ organisations;
  • One agronomist expert specialised in agricultural advising.

Project page

  • Continent


  • Country


  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    July to September 2011

  • Men - months

    3 M-M

  • Customer

    National Coordination of the ACEFA Program

  • Donors

    French Agency for Development

  • Budget

    0 à 500 000€