Project description

The National Program for Participative Development (PNDP) is a National Program planned for a total of 12 years, in three phases of 4 years, whose overall objective was to provide municipalities with financial and technical management capacity to control their development and thus prepare for the decentralisation promoted by the Cameroonian government. It implemented technical and financial support to the municipalities, elected representatives’ formations, the preparation of communal development plans and the implementation of micro-projects considered as priorities by the populations and their elected representatives.

Services provided

This study made it possible to define, on the basis of an inventory of the PNDP activities and in line with the legislative and regulatory framework related to skills transfer to municipalities: i) a mechanism for operational involvement of the PNDP in the field of agricultural development and ii) propose activities and prospective micro projects which should contribute to the improvement of production, productivity and agricultural, zootechnical and fishery competitiveness, in rural areas. In addition to the experts mobilized on site, CA 17 International headquarters intervened in the realisation and finalisation of the study and thus shared its practical experiences in the field.

Project page

  • Continent


  • Country


  • Sector of activity

    Local and territorial development

  • Time period

    April to October 2014

  • Men - months

    3,5 M-M

  • Customer

    Ministry delegated to the Presidency of Public Procurement

  • Donors

    French Agency for Development

  • Budget

    0 à 500 000€