Project description

In Chad, the Swiss Cooperation is funding a major program to support the improvement of living conditions and food security of pastoral populations, over a 12-year period, covering three regions in the East and North of the country: the Strengthening Project to Pastoral Breeding in the Batha, Wadi Fira and Ennedi West regions (PREPAS). The three expected outcomes of this program are: i) Improved access to water and pasture, secured animal mobility and better-managed conflicts in areas of intervention, ii) Improved economic conditions’ for farmers by regularly accessing quality veterinary care services and inputs as well as livestock alimentation and IGAs; and iii) Breeders’ organizations (OPE) defend their socio-professional interests and effectively represent them in the framework of consultation and dialogue, therefore contributing to local governance of the sector and to social peace.

Within the framework of these three effects, the PREPAS will support: i) the construction and rehabilitation of pastoral wells, pastoral ponds, marking of sections of transhumance axes, ii) the installation of pastoral pharmacies, private veterinarians and the construction of vaccination parks, the development of IGAs, iii) the structuring of professional breeders’ organisations and their representation within regional consultation and planning frameworks, improved information management for the livestock sector.

Services provided

In May 2014, CA 17 International set up a Technical and Fiduciary Coordination Unit (UCTF) based in Abéché (Chad), in its capacity as implementing agent for the first 4-year phase of the Program, within a budget of €11.35 million, with representation in each of the three PREPAS regions of intervention. The UCTF is composed of a team of five expatriate and national managers, with proven experience in the implementation of interventions and projects to support pastoral livestock in the Sahel-Saharan zone, three regional managers and support staff (about ten people).

In compliance with the procedures of the Swiss Cooperation and in accordance with the management and internal control system of the Representative’s headquarters (CA 17 International), the UCTF has delegation for the execution of all Program activities under direct management. CA 17 International, in conjunction with its partners, including the CIRAD, mobilized a senior permanent team at the head office, who manage the contract, permanently supervise the services from the head office and on site, provide technical and logistical support, the performance of specific quality audit assignments and the mobilisation of short-term international and national expertise according to the identified needs.

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    April 2014 to June 2018 (Phase 1)

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    446,83 H-M

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    Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

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    Swiss Cooperation

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    + de 2 000 000€