Project description

CA 17 International was awarded a technical assistance contract to:

  • Support the Agribusiness and Competitiveness Centre (ABCC) in its development as an organisation providing consultancy and continuous training services to companies in agroindustry;
  • Assist 20 (first phase), then 25 (second phase) Kyrgyz agro-based industries in their development through the establishment and implementation of relevant action plans.

Project goals

This assignment main goals were to:

  • Increase the competitiveness of the ABCC (Agribusiness Competitiveness Centre) client companies by strengthening their management capacity, business management processes and financial transactions by facilitating their financing and access to market inputs;
  • Strengthen the ABCC (Agribusiness Competitiveness Centre) acting as a local consultancy business in this field.

Services provided

CA 17 International’s main activities were as follows:

  • Training and orientation for local consultants (procedures of value-chain analysis, market research methods, business performance methods);
  • Carrying-out business diagnostics (rapid assessment study and detailed diagnosis, identification of 45 firms benefiting from TA, preparation of action plans, production of evaluation reports regarding the performance of local consultants);
  • Implementing action plans for client companies (including a review of the implementation progress of the assignment);
  • Supporting client-companies for obtaining ISO 9001 certification by the DNV and the food safety management system FSSC ISO 22000 and PAS 220;
  • Drafting the final report (conclusions on improvements made by client companies on key performance indicators).

Project page

  • Continent


  • Country


  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    January 2008 to January 2013

  • Men - months

    16 M-M

  • Customer

    The Agribusiness Competitiveness Center

  • Donors

    World Bank

  • Budget

    1 000 001 à 2 000 000€