Project description

CA 17 International had been selected to provide technical assistance to allow the efficient use of Community resources mobilised within the framework of the European Commission’s strategy with regards to the adaptation of the sugar sector.

Within the framework of its mission, the Technical Assistant was responsible for:

  • Assist the contracting authority (EDF – National Authorising Officer) and the Ministry responsible for the implementation of the 2006 Action Plan;
  • Contribute to the programming and execution of activities relating to the following years of application.

The main activities were as follows:

  • Operational and managerial support : project management and monitoring;
  • Tracking and monitoring with the implementation of a Monitoring and Evaluation system,
  • Strategic support: capitalize on studies/audits and support the programming or reorientation of the support strategy to the commodity chain.

Project goals

The results expected by the technical assistance were as follows:

  • Approval of administrative and technical contractual documents by the Ministry, and the Authorising Officer,
  • Compliance with the implementation schedule,
  • Information towards the Authorising Officer, all the stakeholders involved in the commodity chain and the financial partners on the progress of the project according to the logical framework indicators,
  • The national authorizing officer and the European Commission will have relevant and verifiable elements to decide on the European Commission’s support strategy,
  • Programming for 2008 and subsequent years, was well documented.

Services provided

  • Backstopping,
  • Administrative and financial contractual management of the project,
  • One long-term technical assistant (15.75 m/m) in Antananarivo with objectives to support the Government in the contracts and coordination of actions planned in the 2006 program and subsequent years and to participate in the programming for 2008 and so on.

Project page

  • Continent


  • Country


  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    October 2007 à April2009

  • Staff mobilized

    1 Long-term Technical Assistant

  • Customer

    Ministry of Finance and Budget, EDF National Authorising Officer

  • Donors

    European Union

  • Budget

    0 à 500 000€