Project description

The activities put in place to carry out the program were based on a inclusive approach and included:

  • Realisation of a brief socio-economic diagnosis for each region (1591 farmers’ organisations’ diagnosed);
  • Creation and implementation of the farmers’ organisations’ support mechanism and its potential leaders to access grants from the program;
  • Farmers’ organisations’ support as a basis in project development by helping them in: the implementation of an organisational diagnosis; the definition of precise and realistic objectives, the development of a strategy-based implementation of their project;
  • Training of facilitators and technical advisors in project monitoring through the principle of “action training”;
  • Support in setting up and facilitating consultation frameworks at local and regional level, assisting the regional chambers of agriculture to assume the responsibility of the CRCE’s secretariat, namely the circulation of information on the operating modalities and decision-making processes of the CRCE (requirement of transparency), organisation and animation of meetings, reporting, monitoring the implementation of funded projects;
  • Identification of potential service providers;
  • Support for the launch and monitoring of farmers’ organizations’ projects;
  • 1,591 projects approved;
  • 30,072 producers benefited from projects through their farmers’ organisations’;
  • 35 consultation frameworks.

Project goals

The objective of the PASAOP program was to contribute to the capacity building of various institutions and organizations of agricultural producers, namely the Chambers of Agriculture, farmers’ organisations’ and rural support services to deliver more effectively the services for which they were created.
The specific objective of the mission entrusted to CA 17 International was to implement the mechanism of consultation and negotiation between potential farmers’ organisations’ beneficiaries, representative structures of the profession (Permanent Assembly of the Houses of Agriculture in Mali (APCAM) and RCA), service providers and other sources of support.

Services provided

  • Organisation of consultation frameworks ;
  • Sub-Project Program Budget Development;
  • Animation of the process in conjunction with the RCA and the APCAM;
  • Support approaches with each farmers’ organisations’;
  • Training of facilitators and technical advisers in project monitoring (action training);
  • Support to RCA’s in the exercise of the functions of CRCE secretariats;
  • Information/ Communication: meetings and newsletters, activity reports.

Project page

  • Continent


  • Country


  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    December 2003 to December 2006

  • Men - months

    101,5 M-M

  • Customer

    Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

  • Donors

    World Bank

  • Budget

    1 000 001 à 2 000 000€