Project description

The objective of the mission was to support the client company (Private Malian company in agribusiness) in a continuous way to install and operate its first pilot pivot on 50 Ha, with two successive productions of wheat and maize in the first year, in order to accelerate the learning curve of Malian operators (management and drivers) and to make early investments profitable quickly while developing techniques adapted to large-scale agriculture.

Services provided

CA 17 International has mobilized 5 experts for this mission of expertise which has made it possible to: i) Site Recognition and action plan (of which, development of a cultivation protocol for the Wheat-Corn succession with testing of 4 varieties and technical conduct of the «large scale»); ii) Organisation and selection of Pilot staff; iii) Training of the pilot staff; iv) Support provided for pilot installation and operation; v) Crop monitoring and hotline.

Project page

  • Continent


  • Country


  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    January to December 2012

  • Men - months

    13,4 M-M

  • Customer

    CAI SA Agroprocessing complex

  • Donors

    Private investor (agricultural holding)

  • Budget

    0 à 500 000€