Project description

The Irrigated Agriculture Modernisation Project in the Oum Er Rbia Basin, financed by the World Bank, aimed to increase Agriculture’s productivity and promote greater sustainability of irrigation water use to overcome current and future water deficits.

Services provided

As part of the implementation of Component 2 of the Project, entitled “Support to Farmers and Their Partners for Better Access to Technology, Financing and Markets”, CA 17 International, in consortium with NOVEC, provided technical assistance, since 2013, for the support of farmers and their partners in the sectors concerned by the project of collective conversion to localised irrigation in the Doukkala perimeter. The support provided regarded 3 sectors of the Bas-Service of the Doukkala’s irrigated areas, dependent of the Oum Er Rbia’s basin, which totals a net equipped area of more than 7,300 ha, for nearly 2,000 producers.

More specifically, CA 17 International supports, on behalf of the Doukkala Regional Office for Agricultural Development (ORMVAD), the farmers of the sectors concerned by the project and their partners, in order to optimise their ability to successfully transition to more profitable, viable, sustainable agriculture in terms of exploitation of groundwater resources and adapted to modern irrigation techniques, through:

  • Agricultural Council: The expected results of the Technical Assistance are the adoption of high value-added crops for agricultural production improvement on the basis of the results of demonstration trials and applied research at pilot farms level;
  • Advice and management on localised irrigation: the expected results relate to the valorisation of the cubic metre of irrigation water (irrigation water supplied and consumed), to the benefit of the water user, generating significant water savings and improved value of production;
  • Support for aggregation projects: the expected results of the Technical Assistance are intended to support the aggregation projects and their physical and financial implementation for the supporting sectors in the project area, including new crops as well as specific and regional products;
  • Proposal for an applied research program: the aim is to target applied research needs in order to solve technical problems for micro-irrigation farmers in the region;

In addition, the Technical Assistance provided support in the definition of a training program for the Doukkala Regional Office for Agricultural Development (ORMVAD) staff involved in the Project (managers and technicians), with the aim of improving their technical and management know-how.

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  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    June 2013 to January 2018

  • Men - months

    149,6 M-M

  • Customer

    Doukkala Regional Agricultural Development Office

  • Donors

    World Bank

  • Budget

    1 000 001 à 2 000 000€