Project description

The support project for the inception of the program approach in the rural sector of Niger (ADAP) and the Support Program for the Development of the Rural Sector (PADSR) are fully consistent with the implementation of the rural development strategy of Niger (“Initiative 3N”), “The people of Niger Nourishing the people of Niger”.
Led by the Office of the High Commissioner for the 3N Initiative (HC3N), the ADAP project (2012-2014) aims to support HC3N in the creation and establishment of a sectoral and institutional context for the financing and implementation of the framework for rural development investments and improvement of food security (I3N strategy).
The PADSR is an investment project which aims to contribute to the financing of projects of communes and producer’s organisations’ through a subsidy system.

Services provided

Mobilized Technical Assistance (TA) provided institutional and operational support to the following HC3N core missions: i) Multi-stakeholder and intersectoral coordination at national and local level on rural development issues (including TFP coordination), ii) resource mobilization, iii) Elaboration and implementation of sectoral reforms, iv) Monitoring, evaluation and mapping of current and future projects. The ADAP TA also contributed to the regionalisation of the I3N (regional consultation, planning and implementation of a Regional Action Plan, information management, communication, monitoring and evaluation). The Technical Assistance mobilized within the framework of the PADSR has made it possible to support the Governorates of Dosso and Zinder in the implementation of the PADSR, including:

  • In Dosso, support for the financing of 130 micro-projects under Program Specification 1 for an amount of more than CFAF 445,000,000;
  • The approval by the Regional Councils of 555 files (378 in Zinder for an amount of 1,399,464 FCFA and 177 in Dosso for an amount of 635,003,061 FCFA) proposed for the granting of micro grants for POs and town halls.

Project page

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  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    April 2012 to June 2015

  • Men - months

    105,32 M-M

  • Customer

    Ministry of Finance, EDF Authorising Officer

  • Donors

    European Union

  • Budget

    1 000 001 à 2 000 000€