Project description

Through a highly participatory methodological approach, developed by CA 17 International and based on the effective participation of potential beneficiaries and project leaders in the implementation of activities, the project more than exceeded its assigned objectives.

The efficiency of the methods, derived from the French agricultural organisation, had enabled the creation of rapidly viable cooperatives. In three years, sixteen cooperatives had been created, and had become operational and financially independent. A group of ten Russian agricultural advisers were formed on the principles of cooperation and advice and became the main instrument towards sustainable development of the cooperative movement.

Project goals

The main objective was to promote the development of independent farmers through the creation of cooperatives and an institutional environment in favor of private agriculture. The project planned to create three cooperatives in three different regions, which, at the end of the project, would be financially viable and serve as examples to be disseminated in other regions. Furthermore, the project intended to make proposals to the political bodies (DUMA), in order to evolve the legislation in the most favorable sense. The main expected result was to encourage the emergence of private farmers, real economic operators, and to make their existence politically acceptable.

Services provided

CA 17 International led the project by providing project directors and co-directors who, thanks to their very good knowledge of the procedures and mechanisms of the European Union, ensured:

  • General organisation of technical assistance,
  • Deployment of resources,
  • Selection of experts,
  • Quality control of services,
  • Negotiations with the local partner,
  • Strategic advice to leading farmers.

CA 17 International also provided specialist services:

  • Farmers’ Associations,
  • Animation of project groups,
  • CUMA,
  • Vegetable production,
  • Dairy cooperatives

CA 17 International organised four study trips to France for members and leaders of Russian cooperatives as well as representatives of the Russian agricultural administration.

Project page

  • Continent


  • Country


  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    August 1998 to December 2001

  • Men - months

    14 M-M

  • Customer

    EU - Tacis Russian Cooperative League

  • Donors


  • Budget

    + de 2 000 000€