Project description

The tasks implemented to carry out the project, included:

  • Design of study programs and the development of technical and pedagogical material, according to the competency-based approach in various agricultural fields;
  • Human resources’ upgrade of the agricultural sector system (Directors, trainers/teachers, continuous-training facilitators, apprenticeship tutors).
  • Project management and coordination: preparation of program specifications and budgets, implementation of a system for planning the actions to be undertaken.

Project goals

The project’s main goals were to develop employment and strengthening of the Moroccan primary sector. In other words, the aim was to equip Morocco with a skilled workforce capable of rapidly integrating into the upgrading of Moroccan agricultural farms, by providing training in various fields of agriculture, to enable farmers to follow and anticipate developments in the sector.

Services provided

  • Project management and leadership (Project Director provided by CA 17 International);
  • Installation and physical implementation of the project;
  • Development of training programs for 3 pilot trades according to the CBA (Competency Based Approach) and then on the 10 remaining trades;
  • Training engineering to upgrade the human resources of the system;
  • Monitoring, coordination and evaluation of actions;
  • 12 experts specialised in training covering the 13 trades, including a coordinator.

Project page

  • Continent


  • Country


  • Sector of activity


  • Time period

    September 2003 to December2004

  • Men - months

    50 M-M

  • Customer

    OFPPT (Maroc)

  • Donors


  • Budget

    501 000€ à 1 000 000€